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The Story behind Islamic World Records:

My name is Raine Akbarkhanzadeh and I am the Quran writer (Katib). I was very excited to post my Islamic artworks to Guinness Word Records to be published in their book. It was always a dream for me.
But, when I studied deeper about the Guinness Word Record and the books they publish, I figured out that most of the records has nothing related to the soul of humanity and religious and in many cases, records are against religious and Islam.
So, I changed my mind and came to this conclusion that it is not an honor for Islamic valuable artworks to be published in Guinness Word Records and decided to setup a business for Islamic World Records.

All Muslim brothers and sisters from around the world are now welcome to send us their valuable Islamic artwork and give us this honor and this chance to publish in Islamic World Records website and book and give this pleasure to all humanity to enjoy the pure Islam.

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